Whether you're just starting out, or just want to take better pictures with what you have, this is a great place to start.



Dartmoor is one of the most beautiful and unspoilt locations this country has to offer. It provides a wide variety of landscapes from the open heath of the high moor to lush river filled valleys and is a fantastic setting for any landscape photographer.

This workshop has been designed for people who are new to landscape photography as well as those who find they aren't getting the desired results, so is suitable for both enthusiasts and amateurs. It's an informal day which allows everyone to progress at their own speed so there is no pressure. I want people to enjoy themselves, as I believe we learn better that way.



Photography is an art, it can't be 'taught' in a day. My aim for this workshop is to help you build knowledge, experience, confidence and enthusiasm by sharing mine. Dartmoor is a cracking place to do this, it's full of variety and drama to challenge and inspire you.

I will help you with camera set-up, positioning, framing, making the most of the light available and also share techniques and tips to allow you to get the best out of your equipment whilst working on your ability.

Ideally I like to keep group sizes down to around 5 in order to give everyone the attention they deserve. If you'd prefer, you can book a one-to-one session.



Equipment: Depends on what you have, but you won't need much.

If you have a compact/bridge camera, you won't need anything else unless you have a tripod.

If you have a DSLR camera, I suggest choosing a smaller focal length lens, ideally between 18 and 50mm. If you're not sure, bring whatever you're happy to carry or leave in your car. An 18-55mm kit lens is absolutely fine. Don't forget charged batteries and spares, just in case.

Tripods are useful but not essential. If you have filters that you want to use that's fine, but you won't need any lighting equipment as we will be working with natural light only. If you have a rain sleeve, bring it...they can be very useful in England! If you don't have one, I recommend considering it. 

Please note: Kit insurance is not included in the workshop fee.


Clothing: Dartmoor is renowned for it's changeable weather, so come prepared for sun, rain and wind. You will need decent footwear either way. Boots with good sole grips are ideal as the terrain can be very uneven and muddy - I know nobody wants to slip whilst holding a camera!


Food: We'll stop for a picnic lunch, so bring food that you can carry. If the weather turns, we can return to the car park to eat. Depending on our location, we could lunch at a pub or cafe. Don't forget to bring enough fluids too.



Ideally you will have your own transport for the workshop day...it is easier in the long run than finding a pick-up point that suits everyone and also keeps costs down. If you are local to Bovey Tracey/Ashburton and don't have your own transport, feel free to contact me and see if we can arrange something.



If the weather is deemed too bad to photograph in, we will attempt to relocate to a different area. If this is not possible, the workshop may have to be adjourned to another day. This decision would be discussed with the whole group.

If you are unable to make the date you have booked, we can reschedule using the same deposit.



This will be decided nearer the time with the weather in mind. I prefer to choose a circular route that will take in various points of interest and give you more time with your camera, rather than driving around to visit different locations.

If you would like to book a one-to-one workshop and have a particular location in mind, please let me know.




Jan 18th, 2020 - Introduction to Landscape Photography

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