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I found a very interesting article in the Huffington Post a while ago that was written last year, regarding guests taking pictures during weddings, etiquette and so on. This is always a notoriously uncomfortable part of weddings, both for the photographer and the couple. No professional photographer wants to upset anyone at a wedding and no couple wants 'Aunty Jean' to be upset that she can't take pictures.

What we strive to do, is allow friends and family to take pictures in a posed environment, and then do our thing. You're paying for a service after all. We understand that your friends and family are excited and happy for you and want to take their own memories home with them. We want them too as well. However, there are certain specific moments that we kindly ask everyone to think about before they jump in with their phone, camera or tablet.

The article itself is worth a quick read, but if nothing else, the images in the article provided by the photographer do illustrate her point.

Read the article in full here

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